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Honey Is Just Bee Vomit

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Nectar (a sugary liquid) is extracted from flowers and stored in the bees extra stomach.
The nectar mixes with enzymes and transforms its chemical composition.

When a honeybee returns to the hive, it passes the substance to another bee by regurgitating the liquid into the other bee's mouth. This regurgitation process is repeated until the partially digested nectar is finally deposited into a honeycomb.

Once in the comb, nectar is still a liquid, the bees then fan their wings over the liquid, drying it... And there you have it, honey!

Next stop: your breakfast table. YUM!

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  • Men's, Women's, Youth, & Toddler shirts are 100% soft ringspun cotton. Heather colors are a cotton/poly blend.
  • Women's Scoop Neck shirts have a half sleeve and are a soft tri-blend of 50% polyester, 25% combed ringspun cotton, 25% rayon
  • Women's Slouchy Sweatshirts have a 3/4 sleeve and vary by color from 50/50 soft ringspun cotton/poly to 100% soft ringspun cotton.